# esgibtkeinProblemtier

About me

I grew up with animals and they have always been an integral part of my life. 

Since 2018 I have again 2 wonderful fur noses, which enrich my life and have changed it fundamentally. Why? Because we, like most people, have torn ourselves apart between work and family. Someone always missed out. The health problems became bigger and bigger due to the 20 hour days and we decided to change our life fundamentally.

We moved to the country and started a multi-generation project. Our oldest roommate is 95 years young at the moment and blossoms daily since we moved in. Our two fur noses, Henry and Bella, have become part of her everyday life. Playing together, conversations and a midday nap on the sofa have already become routine.

We noticed that we all felt better from day to day. 

But there was a big challenge. Our two fur noses had some problems in everyday life. Henry went for a walk without end, every round of gas became a challenge for humans and animals. Our Bella had great difficulties driving her car, she squeaked and howled without interruption - whether secured on the back seat or in the transport box in the trunk. 

Since I had already informed myself about alternative and near-natural treatment methods and training for some time and had already successfully completed my studies as a Bach Flower Therapist for Animals, I began to treat my two four-legged friends as "training dogs" with visible success. But I noticed that there was more.

While studying many seminar and course offers I came across the topic animal communication and animal ergetics. Through an acquaintance this topic was already well-known to me, she had at that time contact to an animal communicator, since her dog, an Italian street dog, at the beginning in its new life did not come clear at all. After the conversation with the animal communicator the everyday life of the two became more harmonious, more relaxed and better every day. With this great experience in mind, I decided to train as an animal communicator and energizer.

When I contacted Henry telepathically for the first time and he answered me, my happiness was indescribable. I had goose bumps all over my body and all I imagined - that he would have more of an excited bright voice and be restrained - was sound and smoke. The young man has a deep sonorous voice and babbles like a waterfall. It was the beginning of a communication at eye level - now I knew that he likes to go for a walk but his harness is so heavy that he feels like a horse. That he is afraid of meeting big white dogs and is therefore always tense. The solutions were quickly found - he was allowed to choose a new harness and we found a very nice, calm white shepherd dog with whom we could practice and who took away his fear.

Our Bella also told me - and this also amazed me - in a very quiet white way why she was so scared in the car. She had the feeling of suffocating because everything was locked. And she wanted to be closer to us and not in the pits. Of course we implemented this directly and since then our Bella has become a relaxed driver.

I would also like to help your animal and you to work together harmoniously, and I look forward to getting in touch with you soon.